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Tour de Restraint

The following pics were all taken during a nice long stroll around Mayfair on a lovely Sunday morning in August 2010. I immediately loved the neighbourhood for its calm beauty and elegance.

Okay, first one is pretty self-explanatory:
Half Moon St sign

And here we have a shot along Half Moon St:
Half Moon St
No. 10 must be one of the houses on the right, iirc, but I can't say which one.

And then, over in Marylebone, we have John's abode on Upper Berkeley St:
14, Upper Berkeley St
This actually is no. 14, sadly complete with some kind of container in front. I liked the look of the house though, humble but comfortable. I could totally imagine John and Marchbanks living there. :) Of course, I have no idea how old these buildings are, it might have looked very different in 1820.
Here's a close-up of the door where you can actually read the number:

I didn't walk along Bruton St, mostly because I couldn't remember the address of John's studio at the time, but I sat for a while in lovely Berkeley Sq with its tiny little park which is right at the end (or beginning) of the street, so have a picture of that instead:

In that area I also particularly liked Charles St, where you find houses with beautiful details like these lamps:

(Now I know, that street was never mentioned in the fic. So just regard it as a bonus ambiance pic.)

And, to wind up, this is of course the Serpentine in Hyde Park, where our two gentlemen had their first "date". ;)

Now I really want to go back to London. Preferably yesterday. *sigh*
O England, how I love thee!


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